Köln mit Kindern entdecken Kölner Wahrzeichen mit Familie kennenlernen Brunnen der Fischweiber im Martinsviertel in Köln

Baby on Tour

Children welcome! You want to go out with your baby and get to know other parents? With the guided tour "baby on tour" both can be achieved. During a common walk through the historical centre, you learn lots of interesting facts about the City of Cologne. We will make stops at the main attractions and along the way you can find out what connects the Cologne old town with the Moon or why people are camping in front of the Hänneschen-Theatre. Experience the 2,000 years of Colognes history in an entertaining way side by side with your baby!

The tour is suitable for children from 0 to 1.5 years.

Stations amongst others:

  • Historical city
  • Hänneschen-Theatre
  • Martin´s quarter

Private group

Flat rate for groups: 170 €
Maximal number of persons: Ca. 10 adult
Languages: English, French
Treffpunkt: Equestrian statue on the Heumarkt