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Beside our guided tours through the city, Cologne Eyecatcher offers a program which involves the visitor into the historical setting of Cologne. If you are new in Cologne and would like to receive a first impression of the city, then join our tour "Cologne for Beginners", or just maybe you will find your soulmate during one of our Singles-tours? For our friends into the brewery-culture, there will be waiting several breweries and some Kölsch beers to taste the various facets of Kölsch tradition. Explore the Roman history of Cologne during the "Agrippina-Special" and plunge in the liquid world of Cologne on this tour, "The Special Water of Cologne". Joy and new impressions shall be in the focus of these tours. Beside the public tours, it is also possible to arrange a private tour for your own. Just ask us!

We have tours for our english, french, russian and italien guests and our friends from the netherlands
If you would like to give a tour as a gift to your friends, ask for a gift certificate.
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