Reiterstandbild Friedrich Wilhelm III. am Kölner Heumarkt

Supposed to be art? A hundred times passed and yet overlooked...

What constitutes the art metropolis of Cologne? The established museums or is there something more? Already Space Invaders found a new home in Cologne some time ago; an unknown is illegally balancing arround on the Hohenzollern bridge for years. Somewhere, one "stumbles" even on a stone and probably wonders about its meaning. "Is this art or can that get away?", also asks the city government. During a ramble through the city we will discover some previously overlooked work and discussing about sense or nonsense of local politics.

Stations amongst others:

  • Heumarkt
  • Historical city
  • Rhine River

Private group

Flat rate for groups: 170 €
Duration: ca. 2 Stunden
Maximum number of persons: 25 Person
Languages: English, French
Meeting point: Equestrian statue on the Heumarkt