The Brewery-Tour

Learn fluently the Kölsch language!

Not only did the old Romans know how to appreciate the good water in the old Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensium (short: CCAA). But already the Celtics knew how to brew beer and they stored their beer in kegs. Kölsch, the only language one can also drink, has a long tradition and enjoys a great popularity. Join me on a tour through several breweries and refresh yourself with Kölsch beer– in a liquid form and also in words. There will be many opportunities to learn something about the city and its cultures. Why do we call the bartender „Köbes“? How do you order a Kölsch and what exactely is Altbier? Why did it take such a long time to finish the Dom and why is the City Hall far more than only a house for the citizens? You see, we will not only have the joy of drinking but it will also be a real cultural trip!

Information about the tour

Duration: about 2-2,5 hours

Discount for handicaped persons and students

Flat rate for groups: 200 € (without drinks) for your private tour

The flat rate for groups contains the amount of 20 € for a foreign language guided tour
Meeting point: at the finial in front of the Dom