Cologne for Beginners

A compact tour through Cologne

If you are in Cologne for the first time or you would just like to receive a first impression of the city and it's life, then join our tour "Cologne for Beginners" and get to know the Cologne culture and traditions. Accompany us through the old town. See and hear about the millenniums of history, sample the Cologne brewery culture and listen to the history of Carneval time in Cologne. We will take a walk from the Dom to the City Hall. Then stroll along the Rhine river and hear more stories as we pass among the buildings. "You only see what you know" said J.W. Goethe. I am looking forward to helping you a little bit to open your eyes to the history of Cologne.

On this tour you will get to know the highlights of Cologne. Learn facts and figures about Cologne's city history as well as anecdotes and "Klaaf" (gossip). 

The entertaining walk starts at the most famous landmark of Cologne, the Cologne Cathedral. Afterwards the way leads us into the old town to the city hall and the Heumarkt. 

However, Cologne's highlights are not only to be marveled at, but also to be tasted! During the city tour we visit a brewery together and enjoy a real Kölsch. 

Good tip for all Cologne tourists: never confuse the Köbes with a waiter. Otherwise, you might be waiting a very long time for your Kölsch. 

Stations a.o:

  • Cathedral (from the outside)
  • Old town (here we make a brewery stop)
  • City Hall
  • Rhine

Details and prices

Flat rate for groups: €180
  Beverages not included
Duration: approx. 2 hours
Maximal number of persons: 25 persons
Languages: German, English, French (€20 Foreign language surcharge)
Services: Would you like to book a panoramic tour of the Rhine after the guided tour? Please contact us!

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