About us

Heike Kleuser (owner)

She came to Cologne from Freiburg i. Brsg. in 1995 via some detours and was already involved in cultural projects during her studies of art history, German language and literature, and theater, film and television studies. Since 2012, she has been enthusiastically running the agency "Kölner Blickfang" and has been providing organizational support to the Kasino-Gesellschaft Leverkusen e. V. since 2013. Her favorite quote "You only see what you know" comes from J.W. Goethe, and so she would like to open the eyes of other interested visitors to Cologne a little. Fun and new impressions are of course always the focus.

Michael Markolwitz

is a certified city guide (according to DIN EN 15 565) and book author. The "trained" Cologne native comes from the Ruhr area and has been guiding locals and visitors through the old city on the Rhine for more than 12 years. He likes to point out inconspicuous details that are not obvious to the observer at first glance. "Dat han isch all` nit jewoss" is the greatest compliment that can be paid to the Imi at the end of a tour.


Katja Zakharova

She loves traveling and as a professional guide and art historian she has been working for several years on journeys through Italy and the Baltic States. After her studies of art history and ethnology in Heidelberg she traveled around the world for six months and her journey ended in the most wonderful city of the world - Cologne. She has been living in Cologne since 2009, and she is looking forward to showing our guest our beautiful city.

Peter Buchbinder

Peter speaks, thinks and dreams in Kölsch. High German is his first foreign language. As an active carnivalist with the traditional corps Treuer Husar Blau-Gelb von 1925 e.V., he is also very familiar with carnival. After all, he also stood for several years as a member of the carnival band "De kölsche Fetze" on the stages of Cologne. Peter is passionate about playing the guitar and has been conducting brewery tours, night watchman tours and guided tours in the Cologne language for several years. He loves to walk with you singing through the old town of Cologne with songs by Willi Ostermann, Karl Berbuer, Jupp Schmitz, the Bläck Föös and many more. His favorite song: "Ich bin ne kölsche Jung, wat willst maache" has become his life motto.


Ulli Reck

For 1991 she has accompanied Cologne residents, tourists, visitors and the curious through "her" hometown and is still not tired of showing you Cologne. But she is not a professional at all. However, as a graduate in business administration, she was already on the road as a tour guide in Spain and Italy before she graduated. With this she found a new hobby, which over the years and various further training courses has developed into her favorite profession. As one of the first city guides in Cologne she carried out the famous "Brauhauswanderweg" ;-)