Romanesque churches

Romanesque churches in cologne

Surrounded by saints

Those who build, will remain! This was already known in the middle ages, and so we are able to delight us today at 12 romanesque churches. Between the 11th and 13th century, the city of Cologne was experiencing a unique construction boom, which is responsible for the city image until today. Despite the massive destruction in the 2nd World War, the romanesque churches experienced a unique commitment to their reconstruction. So Cologne's importance in the middle ages is still visible in these buildings. We will guide you through a selection of romanesque basilicas (about 3 churches) and show you their special characteristics. Sample Groß St. Martin with its captivating architecture, St. Maria Lyskirchen, the smallest church in the south of the city and St. Maria im Capitol, which was built on the foundations of a roman temple.

Stationes amongst others:

  • 3 romanesque basilicas
  • by arrangement

Details and prices

Flat rate for groups: €180 + Entrance fee for special areas
Duration: approx. 2 hours
Maximal number of persons: 20 persons
Date: By arrangement
Meeting Point: By arrangement
Languages: German, English (€20 Foreign language surcharge)

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